Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's really truly summer now, I guess.

Time is supposed to fix a lot of things, but I've always been slow to work through issues. I just want to get the right answer to things which have no right answer. It's like those dastardly multiple choice questions which ask for the BEST answer. Well blessed if I have an clue about how to deal with this.

Medicines are helping in the sense that I can't obsess about things if I'm asleep. 10-15 hours a day is just frik-tarded.

I am glad for humans in the Elmira region this summer, though. Good books and good adventures, I hopes.

I wish I knew how to get myself not to give a crap about certain things/people. I would get so much more important obsessing done with the free time it allowed me.

Bed time, bed time.

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