Thursday, November 13, 2008

Classical music

When I can't relate any words to the colours and textures of emotion/awareness flowing in and out and around in my mind, I listen to instrumental music.

A guide to what I like to hear when I feel....

All mixed up like: Bach. He's got ridiculous technical skills! I love how (especially in his fugues and inventions) melodies and countermelodies collide and wrap harmonically around one another. I love the way that each brings an unexpected dimension to the others, bending the feeling of the whole melodic line away from the expected. The constant change of focus in the music is so pleasant when my mind is scattered and spacey feeling. I especially love Fugue in g minor.

Thoughtful: Dvorak. I know, he's romantic, not classical, but most people don't even know the difference. He's got these beautiful melodies. Just amazing. It feels like going for a walk, listening to his work. I can hear trees and fields and water in his songs. Right now I love his String Quartet No. 12 in F major.

Bouncy: Schubert. He uses a lot of nifty little rhythms. Ones that are delightful to skip to. What else could one want? I like his Marche Militaire and German Dance No.1 in C Major.

Melancholy: Impressionists in general. Chopin or Debussy. There is less definition to the musical shapes and patterns in impressionism reflects the sort of indefinite feeling of sadness. It's like fog. You feel it, but it really isn't anything at all. I like The Girl With Flaxen Hair by Debussy and I love the Raindrops Prelude by Chopin.

Intelligent: Wagner or Greig. Both these guys were sooooo theatrical in their music. It's interesting to listen to and one can be self-congratulatory on the fact that one is listening to "smart" music.

I just want to be a kid: Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf. A story and an amazing work of art. I remember lying on the couch listening to this as a kid. The lady narrarating does a beautiful job (at least if you get the british one). I love listening to people read or tell stories, so I guess it makes sense that I love this.

So that's all.

And in other thoughts...
Being loved is such a sensational feeling
"knowing that your presence is an addition to [another person's] comfort"

You know how all of Christianity is talking about how God loves people and stuff?
Is our presence an addition to his comfort?
Is he happier because people exist?
If so that's weird, cuz we kinda screwed him over...

Life is weird.
Oh, and the boys in res got a tarantula tonight. Ooooh man....

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