Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm vaguely annoyed at myself for something I've actually realized before. Last time I put it down to a lack of sleep and forgot about it. It's come on again though, and now I know it's true.

I like life and myself better when I've had caffeine. It makes me feel happy and quick and I do better in social situations when I've had a coffee or iced cap.

I don't think most people will understand why this bothers me, but I can try to explain a little. (Hold on a sec, there is a foreign (as in not recognizable) male voice emanating from my kitchen....)
Right, well, caffeine. It bothers me because why can't I be happy and enjoy life naturally? Do I seriously need the extra boost just to be likeable? Maybe this caffeine induced logic is kind of shaky, but right now I don't much care because in 2 minutes or so I will feel generally pleasant again. Maybe this is how other people appear happy.
(Mysterious voice is gone, I think it was some sort of service man)

Work was fun last night. I had 2 cups of coffee and felt generally bubbly and happy and my partner and I joked back and forth all night and our machinery actually worked (instead of being unusable for 6 hours straight like the night before). We made over 10000 bags of food! Granted, they were only like 150 grams each (those wee sample packs) but that's pretty respectable considering we box them by hand. That's about 25 bags every minute. Win. Also my partner told me he's going to burn me a cd of the band Maccabees. A friend of mine like them a lot, so I think I will to and I'm looking forward to it a lot :D

Tea! Not caffeinated, don't worry. I need to sleep more yet today


  1. I wouldn't be toooo worried about it, everyone needs something to boost themselves in social situations. Just be glad you don't rely on alcohol or drugs or something.
    I rely on makeup and by making something to eat so that everyone likes me :)
    Or I rely on my sister's for help.

  2. Maccabees! Ha! Thank mon petit ami.