Thursday, December 4, 2008

Texting and Tea

The title may seem a bit ambiguous.

It's been bumpy patch of time since last post. Exams are running (2 down, 3 to go), and busy-ness just sneaks up on me. I suddenly realize that for 3 weeks I haven't picked up a book just to enjoy reading. I haven't had a cup of tea to sit and think with.
I'm struggling to just survive, sorta. Every day when I get I know I have stuff to accomplish. Not so much a fan of that. Because I'm just holding on to the leash of my life, and it's tearing along ahead of me, and I have the sensation of not being able to catch up.
And life is impossibe to catch up on unless you are magically able to go faster. It is running at a constant speed, and the only way to get any peace about it is to take it firmly in hand and focus on pieces that you can wile you're tearing by. We can't do everything, much as we would like to. I would like to travel and to be a vet and to be a musician and to have a farm and to live in Africa and to own a coffee shop, and a lot of other things. But I have to choose because I have a limited amount of time.
Time is something that a lot of people resent. But is that fair? Without biological limits (because what people dislike about time is that we only have so much of it) we would be so self-contained. If we didn't die, we would never look outside of this planet for reason. Also, emos would have a rough time. And overpopulation would be a huge issue. Eternity is too much for humans, as I know I've said before.

So I cannot wait for the break. I get to work at a job I do well, read, see friends, and hang out with Jemma. That's all I really want out of life at this moment. To do my work well, have a few people to chill with, and a few hobbies to keep my mind sharpish.

Res life has been almost pleasant the past few days. Mostly quiet, and watching movies and playing games and having chats with people. I don't mind it so much. I'm listening to one of the guys sing along to music horribly. Heh.

And as for the texting part: I just do too much of it. It's pretty obsessive. If I'm not in the process of a text conversation, I will scroll through my contacts trying to find someone to text. Generally I end up sending alliteratvie texts to my roomie. Which is more fun than it should be. Hah.

Example: Single shingles sing shindigs.
Try and say that fast. Seriously difficult!

*edited to add*: I bought celebratory boots! They're wellingtons all brown with random hearts. Not a typical becca purchase, but I love them! I can now walk to class without getting soaking wet!

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